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School will be OPEN AS NORMAL on Tuesday 12th December. Please dress for the weather (coats, hats, gloves, wellies), and bring dry shoes for the classroom.

Handwriting at St James

We have chosen as a school to adopt a cursive writing scheme.  Although tricky to begin with, it has been shown that children who learn this script from an early age tend to go on to have better handwriting and find it easier to join their letters.


It is essential that the letters are learnt in the correct way, so that when the children begin to join their letters, their pencils or pens are in the right place.


When children are taught the digraphs (sh, ch, th, ee etc) they are taught to join these letters.


All letters start at the bottom on the left.  The entry and exit flicks are done as part of the letter formation and NOT added on afterwards.


Please print out the letter formation sheets to practise with your child at home.