Free School Meal Vouchers (eCodes & eGiftCards)

Dear Parent/Carer (eligible for Free School Meals - benefit related),


During the school closedown, the government has provided funding for you to be able to claim supermarket vouchers to the value of £15.00 per week per child who would normally receive benefits-related Free School Meals.


We have applied for the eCodes to generate these vouchers, and the first two-week eCode should be emailed to parents on Monday 20th April.  However, we have been informed by the Government that there may be some delays in emailing these vouchers out, as the demand on the system is so high.  It is also possible that you will receive two eCodes next week, so these will cover your vouchers from 20th April to 17th May.


You will receive an email containing an eCode from the Department of Education.  You need to follow the instructions in the email to select a supermarket voucher (eGift card) with your eCode.  You can choose from the following supermarkets:








Once you have chosen your supermarket eGift card, you print it, or save it to your phone.  You present it at the checkout to spend it.  You do not have to spend the full value of the eGift card at one time.


Note, these supermarket vouchers cannot be used to purchase age restricted products, such as cigarettes and alcohol.


Please email if you need assistance with this system.


Sarah Beach