Reception Week One Activities and Ideas

Week One: Activities and Ideas for Home Learning


We hope you are staying safe at home. Here are some ideas of things to focus on in the coming week, alongside opportunities to play and imagine and be creative. A list of spring challenges and words to read using body blending were sent home in book bags at the beginning of last week. Please do not feel that you have to do everything, these are just suggestions and a little each day will really benefit your child whilst they can’t be at school. Please remember to share learning and activities from home onto Tapestry. We look forward to seeing these.


Reading Ideas:

  1. Share your child’s reading book or a favourite story each day. Retell the story. What happened at the beginning/ middle and end? Can you think of any other stories like this? Spot tricky words within the text. Use body blending to read the text.
  2. Practise reading tricky words by sight. Create a treasure hunt around the room/ house – how many tricky words can you find and recognise?
  3. Practise reading the attached sentences, these are colour coded so choose your level of challenge!

Writing Ideas

  1. Practise writing your name in the mud, in the bubbles in the bath, using pens and chalks.
  2. Keep a diary to share with us when you come back to school. Draw picture, add labels and try to write simple sentences such as I had a picnic or I had a bath.
  3. Write a postcard to send to a friend.

Maths Ideas

  1. Go on a shape hunt around the house, find 2D (flat) and 3D (solid) shapes. Talk about them using words like round, curved, corners. Test if they slide or roll.
  2. Play a board game such as snakes and ladders. Practise counting accurately.
  3. Add groups of objects together. Can you draw a picture to show what you have added?
  4. Practise recognising numbers from 0 to 10, then to 20. Order them.

Physical activities

  1. Cosmic Kids Yoga (see link below)
  2. Complete a Body Coach workout (see link below)
  3. Plant some flowers, dig in the mud, make a mud pie and potions using natural ingredients

Useful websites:


Area of learning:


Phonics/ Reading


Practise letter sounds and their songs.

Phonics/ Reading


How to say the learnt sounds – information for parents

Phonics/ Reading


Mr T’s phonics – help with blending and reading words with digraphs in

Phonics/ Reading

Great FREE fun games, encouraging children to practise their blending. This whole site is free during March. Password available on site.

Phonics/ Reading/ Writing/ Maths


Lots of ideas for outside learning

Literacy and Maths


Literacy and Maths

Physical Development


The Body Coach – 5 Minute Workouts. Make sure you search for the kids workouts!

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is leading a PE lesson each week day at 9:00 on his you tube channel

Physical Development


Yoga workouts for children


We hope that you find these suggestions useful. We will add more ideas again next week, please contact us if you need further ideas or support.

The Reception Team