Solar Panel Update!

When we arrived at school this morning, we were excited to see some of the solar panels had already been fitted to our roof!

Currently there are sixty two of them fitted to the top of our school hall roof. That means that there are still forty five more to fit. However, we are over half way! Simon gave us a  'hello!' as he was balancing on the scaffolding fitting the wires.


Meanwhile, back in class, we have been making solar pizza ovens and of course the pizza to go inside of them! We'll keep you updated with our progress. We're hoping to eat them up this afternoon. Yum!


Also, we have drawn the correct dimensions of the solar panel onto the playground using chalk. In gathering, we have challenged the children to see if they can find out how many people fit inside its perimeter! How many of your friends did you fit it? How many panels do you think it would take to cover the whole school?