Talk for Writing

It's a really exciting time for the children at St James! We're working very hard to making our writing the best it can be and we are using Talk for Writing to help us to do this.  


For the next term, the whole school will be learning about quest stories, especially looking at writing using suspense techniques. We're trying our best to scare our readers!


We had a very funny gathering to launch this on Monday 8th January when Mrs Wells told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. This sounds like quite a normal gathering, however the children were pleasantly surprised when Mr Doughty walked into the hall dressed as Jack,  Mrs Mayler dressed as a Milky the cow, Mrs Brown as Mr Majestic, selling the beans, Mrs Brooks as the Giant's crazy wife (as ugly as a troll's doll) and arguably the best of all - Mr Goddard as the fierce Giant! The children we're in hysterics, as were all of the staff! This really helped us to learn the plot of the story. We'll be sure to post some pictures soon.


We're looking forward to inviting parents into school to watch first hand what we're doing and to show you what a positive impact Talk for Writing is having on our work and confidence in speaking aloud in class. Your child might bring home their story map to perform for you too! Please let us know what you think.