Year 6 reading online

Dear parents / carers of year 6


We have set you up with an account on the website read theory.  It is an online platform which sets you reading and quiz questions at your reading level.  You can access this as often as you would like (we suggest 3 times per week) and you will hopefully see your reading age and ability improve over time. 


Your login and password have been sent to your email address.  


The first thing you will have to do is a reading assessment which will set your starting point (similar to doodle maths).  We suggest you try your best with this test as it would be pointless to complete work which is too easy.  The system is very sophisticated and will also realise if you are just guessing the answers and not leaving enough time to fully read the texts.  If this is the case, you will be kicked out of the system and you will have to contact me to be reinstated. 


I hope you will use this as it is designed.  If it is used properly, it has the potential to really improve your reading skills ready for when you return to school. 


Any login issues let me know


Miss Nurcombe