Year 1

Reading and Phonics

Please make sure you share a story every day with an adult at home. Talk about the story, the characters and what might happen next.


Join your class every day at 1:05pm for a story with your teacher and friends and then afterwards, for a phonics lesson. Use the code sent to you in the email.

Writing and Handwriting

Practice your handwriting every day using the practice patches below. Why not write a story to share with your teacher? It can be about anything you want but don't forget capital letters, full stops, finger spacing and grounded letters!


Use DoodleMaths every day to keep up your maths skills. If you have forgotten your DoodleMaths password, please contact the school office.

Science, History/Geography

Read through the Knowledge Organisers below.


Research something that interests you. Choose how you want to present this information – it could be a poster, powerpoint, written report, mind map or making an artefact. Share this when you get back to school.