Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

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Mrs Fairbrother, Miss Hockley, Miss Mya, Miss Kahtoun and Miss Brooks welcome you to Year 3.




3R - Magic work. Today in magic we thought about our question for the topic which is "Will you make a good rugby player?" The children all considered what this means and designed a poster which tells you some questions they would like to answer in this topic. Ruby and Harleigh won the poster design competition - very colourful I think!

Litle Red Riding Hood Text Map - here is our talk4writing text map for this unit - ask your children to show you the actions!





READING - Please sign and date your children’s reading record every time you read with them at home. The children should not be signing their own reading records. We collect the reading records in every Friday and award class dojo points for each time they have read at home.

SNACK – The children get really hungry – please ensure that they bring in a healthy snack e.g. fruit, cereal bar, raisins every day.

DRESS CODE – We are starting to see some children wearing jewellery in school. We do not want this in the classroom as it could be dangerous if it is grabbed or they get it caught while inside or outside. Please limit all jewellery to a small pair of stud earrings and/or a watch. Equally we would not expect to see any false nails or make-up on children in school – please save this for the holidays!

PARENTS EVENING – 5th and 6th February.

Year 3 - Curriculum newsletter

All of the year 3 staff would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Wow, that first term went fast! We had so much fun learning about dinosaurs and the Stone Age with the children. We also really enjoyed all the Christmas festivities and loved seeing how excited they all were for the Christmas break!

We have a new topic this term that is based around the Saints Rugby team. The children will be trying to answer the question “Would you make a good rugby player?” We will be undertaking a local study by looking at local landmarks and the history of the Northampton Saints and surrounding area. If anybody has any old photographs of Northampton we would love to see them!

In Science we will be looking at different animals where we will find out about invertebrates and vertebrates. We will also be exploring our skeleton and trying to name common bones. We will be explaining the function of our skeletons and investigate how muscles work in pairs to move bones.

We are extremely lucky to have the Saints coaching team coming into 3L on a Monday and 3R on a Wednesday. They are going to be teaching the children all about healthy eating, food choices and food groups. They are also teaching tag rugby. Children need to have outdoor P.E. Kits in school on these days.

In Numeracy we are continuing to look at number, place value, partitioning, mental strategies and all four operations. We will also be looking at written and mental methods of division, using money, statistics, length and perimeter, fractions. Every term we are continuing to learn and imbed our times tables – in particular our 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

In literacy we are continuing to use Talk4Writing and start this term by using Little Red Riding Hood to explore, read and write warning/defeat the monster stories. We will be concentrating on speech, similes and sentence openers. In our non-fiction units we will be writing a diary entry from the point of view of Little Red Riding Hoods mother. We will also be writing a set of instructions about how to care for a mythical creature. The children will be looking at a wide range of poetry styles throughout the units. Books you may like to read with your child to support their learning are: Little Red Reading Hood, Little Red Riding Hood was rotten, Little Red by Bethan Wollvin and Into the Forest by Anthony Browne.

Things to look out for this term:-

MAGIC WEEK – we have a topic week from the 28th Jan – 1st Feb. We will be doing lots of art and DT projects this week. Look out for an invitation to come and join us in school that week – we have something special planned!!

It is going to be a busy but fun term! Please feel free to speak to any of the year 3 team if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs Fairbrother, Miss Hockley, Miss B, Ms Mya and Ms Kahtoon

I wonder what these could have to do with literacy? Ask your children about our new talk for writing unit!

I wonder what these could have to do with literacy?  Ask your children about our new talk for writing unit! 1

School Trip!


Your child should have brought home a letter about our planned trip to the Natural History museum on Monday 15th October 2018.


This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn more about the dinosaurs and fossils they are studying in our Magic lessons!


If you have not received a letter then please speak to the class teacher.


Mrs Fairbrother and Miss Hockley are really looking forward to the trip and can't wait to explore the museum!  There is a rumour that there might even be a REAL dinosaur this space!!!!!

Welcome back!


We hope that you all had a lovely summer and are keen to return to school and move to key stage two!


Important things to note:-



P.E. day is Tuesday - all children should have a full p.e. kit in school.  Please ensure all items are named.  Long hair should be tied back and earrings taken out on p.e. days.



We do not provide a snack for KS2 children.  Your child can bring a healthy snack to school to enjoy at breaktime.  No crisps or chocolate please.



Children are not automatically entitled to a hot school meal in KS2.  If you believe that your child is entitled to a free school meal then please ensure that you have completed a form and returned it to the school office.  If children are not having a school meal then they should bring a packed lunch in a suitable container.



Spellings are tested on a Monday.


Lost Property

We are trying to ensure that we do not end up with a huge pile of lost property this year.  Please ensure all items are labelled with your child's name and class.



All children should read at home at least 3 times a week.  They should also practise their spellings and times tables.  All children have a doodlemaths and doodle times table login to access this at home.  Topic homework will be given out soon!


If you have any other questions then please speak to your child's class teacher.


We are looking forward to having a fun and tiring term!


Mrs Fairbrother and Miss Hockley.

Year 3 Alzheimers Awareness Walk.

Year 3 have made some surveys that they would love you to answer!


Click on the links below to take you to each team's survey!


Szilard, Imran, Aadi, Drishti and Ishijah's survey  about school subjects -


Rhnae, Scarlet, Peyton and Millie's survey about school uniforms


Alfie K, Wiktor, Jay, Gabriel and Jack U's survey about sports day


Barni, Siraad and Tyra's survey about favourite subjects


Olivia, Jasmine, Grace and Eniola's survey about homework


Harry, Jack, Alfie R and Adam's survey about school logo and meals


Kayleigh, Meadow and Annaiyah's survey about bullying


Adassa, Ema & Victoria's survey about school uniform -


Dawud, Oliver & Daksh's survey about school uniform  -


Tanjida, Addison & Courtnei's survey about school dinners -


Jack, Ivan and Gabriella's survey about school sports -


Grigore, Hassan and Joshua's survey about school sports -


Lexus, Vina & Suraiya's survey about school dinners -


Saleem, Eva and Naidan's survey about school sports -


Frankie, Rihana and Tasmi's survey about school dinners -

Class 3R - Performing our text map for our newspaper report.

Still image for this video
Some of the class performing part of our text map.

Year 3 go to the Cobblers!

Making music in RE

Still image for this video
Today the children used instruments in RE to make a musical piece about light and dark. Some future musicians in 3R!

3R Dramatics! Today we were acting out the Hanukkah story!

Experimenting with colour in Magic today. Learning how to make a colour wheel and blend two colours together. Messy, but fun!

Some great text mapping for our Jack and Beanstalk suspense story from Erin and Rihana in 3R!

Some great text mapping for our Jack and Beanstalk suspense story from Erin and Rihana in 3R! 1
Some great text mapping for our Jack and Beanstalk suspense story from Erin and Rihana in 3R! 2

Happy New Year!


All of the year 3 team would like to wish you all a very happy New Year!


This is going to be a very exciting and busy term in year 3!  In science we are moving onto our new topic of light.  We are going to be investigating light sources, shadows and reflections to try and answer the question "Can we live without light?"


In history and geography we are going to be examining the Stone Age and exploring how people lived, hunted and survived.


In maths we are continuing to look at number, place value, mental maths and the four operations.  We will also be looking at data handling as well as exploring time and roman numerals.  We are still encouraging the children to learn their times tables and are concentrating on the 2, 5, 10, 3 & 4 times tables in Year 3.  Please continue to practise these with your child and encourage them to use Times Table Rockstars at home!


This term the whole school is studying a talk for writing unit on Jack and the Beanstalk.  We are looking at suspense and are aiming to write our own suspense story!  We will continue to do spellings every week.  We were really impressed last term at how the children moved up the spelling lists really quickly and how keen they were - we are hoping that this can continue this term!


P.E. is on Thursday afternoons.  Please ensure that your child has a suitable PE kit in school every week.  Earrings should be removed and long hair should be tied back on this day.


We are always happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have.  Just make an appointment to meet with us and we will do our best to help!

Tackling symmetry in maths - year 3 hit the playground!

Something has rampaged through the school and destroyed the field - don't worry - year 3 are on the case!

Breaking News! Year 3 have spotted dinosaurs at the Natural Museum in London!

Spelling Lists

Here is the full list in case your child has lost their list.

Doodlemaths and Times Table Rockstars

Doodlemaths is an online website that allows your child to practise maths skills they have learnt in school and improve their recall of number facts.  Your child has been given a password and username so that they can access the site.  Please encourage your children to use the site and earn certificates for doing so.

Times Table Rockstars is also an online website that allows your child to practise their times tables whilst listening to rock music. It is a fun way of learning them so please encourage them to use this site at home.


Welcome to Year 3

The Magic Curriculum at St James

The Government released a new National Curriculum to be implemented from September 2014.  The National Curriculum provides children with an introduction to essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens in modern Britain.


Here at St James we believe that a rich and relevant curriculum should be taught and embedded through the application of key literacy, numeracy and speaking and listening Skills.  We have therefore developed the “Magic Curriculum” which at present Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 follow with Years 2 and 6 commencing this way of working from September 2015. 


The Magic Curriculum is Memorable, Aspirational, Gripping, Inspiring and Creative.  Each year group studies three units over the year to enable broad and balanced study over different subject areas.  These units are Science led with other subject areas being linked in a meaningful and creative way. 


Children learn best when they get the opportunity to apply the key skills learnt previously and therefore at St James we have developed Magic Fridays.  Every week each class has a Friday where they apply key skills and have a Magic Curriculum focused day using key skills learnt in Literacy and Numeracy over the week. 


For more details of what is covered in Year 3 please click on the Curriculum map below:

Have you seen the Kids' Zone?  Play games, and visit some cool websites like the one below. You can vote for your favourites!