Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Ms Douch, Mr Doughty, Mrs Mousir-Harrison, Miss Brooks and Mrs Murrin welcome you to Year 4. We hope that you enjoy your year with us and that you continue to work hard to make great progress in your learning.

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Viking Raids!


In year 4, we are learning about Vikings. Today we have learnt all about where they come from, why they came here, when they first invaded Britain and how savage and cruel their first raid was on Lindisfarne in AD793.


We hope you enjoy watching some of our clips about how we think they may have raided, fought and pillaged the monastery where the monks lived


Solar Panels Come to St James Primary School!


We've had a really exciting week in year 4. In between visiting Everdon, we have been documenting the progress of the solar panel instillation at our school.


We have taken part in lots of activities to learn about renewable and non-renewable energy.


Why are we 'Going Green' at St James?


We know that the carbon dioxide gas (Co2) that is omitted from fossil fuels, is very bad for our trees, oceans and planet. We need to take action to use renewable forms of energy so that we save our planet and also save money too!


What is this going to look like at our school?


  • In total, there will be 107 solar panels installed on the roof of our school (the hall and the kitchen)
  • We will have an electronic display board, that can be seen near to our school hall, that will show:
  1. the total power generated since they have been switched on
  2. how much electricity they are making
  3. how much Co2 emissions we have saved by switching to solar energy in school.


How have we investigated solar power in school?


Over the week, we have made several visits to make detailed observations to track the progress that Halo Energy have made. They have worked extremely hard, especially in this freezing cold weather.


Simon, who works for Halo Energy, visited us and told us lots of interesting facts about solar energy. He showed us a solar panel close up (dimensions 92cm x 164cm) and some of us drew replica examples on the playground for other children In school to see.We managed to record lots of this information on our writing washing lines in our class including how they are made. He told us that they are made of glass and they are filled with cells made of silicone. This then reacts with the sun to make energy which is converted into electricity.


We made our own solar ovens and filled them with delicious, homemade pizza! Unfortunately, with this snowy weather, they were not as successful as we had imagined. However, now we know how to make them, we are looking forward to testing them out again in the summer term.


Investigating fossil fuels, many of us discovered that when we are fifty years old (hard to imagine we know), oil and gas will not be readily available. This makes it even more important that we find sources of renewable energy to use in our lifetime and to also save our planet too!


Using atlases, we discovered that Europe uses a lot more energy at night in comparison to other countries. This got us thinking about how we can save energy, designing posters to be displayed around school to help others to 'Go Green' too e.g. switching off lights, closing the door behind you to keep the heat in and switching off electrical devices when they are not being used.


We looked at how solar energy can be used to power cars. At the moment, these are very expensive and one car can cost upwards of £100000. We designed some together, making sure that they are aerodynamic, as light as possible and the solar panels cover as much of the car as possible. Take a look at our designs and let us know what you think.


Overall, we have had an amazing few days learning about solar energy and other renewable energy sources. If you want to more, take a look at our pictures or please come and speak to us. We'd be happy to tell you about what we have learnt.



Majidah, Amelia A, Gracie, Luna, Fahima, Adam, Qynath... and Mrs Wells ;)





Exploring Different Faiths Day at Wicksteed Park

Exploring Different Faiths Day at Wicksteed Park  1
Exploring Different Faiths Day at Wicksteed Park  2
Exploring Different Faiths Day at Wicksteed Park  3
Exploring Different Faiths Day at Wicksteed Park  4
Exploring Different Faiths Day at Wicksteed Park  5
Exploring Different Faiths Day at Wicksteed Park  6
Exploring Different Faiths Day at Wicksteed Park  7

Happy New Year!


We hope you had a lovely break and are looking forward to an exciting 2018 in Year 4.


In science we are moving onto our new topic of sound. We are going to be investigating how sounds are made and then travel through our ears. We will try and answer the question "If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?"


In geography we will be making a study of our local area on our field trip to Everdon Field Study Centre and comparing it with the habitats we can find around St James.


In maths we are continuing to look at number, place value, mental maths and the four operations. We will also be looking at data handling as well as exploring time and roman numerals. We are still encouraging the children to learn their times tables with instant recall as we ‘race around the clock’ to complete our target times table within one minute. This will help the children progress towards the national target that children should know all their times tables to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4. Please continue to practise these with your child and encourage them to use Times Table Rockstars at home!


This term the whole school is studying a talk for writing unit on Jack and the Beanstalk. We are looking at suspense and are aiming to write our own suspense story! We will continue to do spellings every week. We were really impressed last term at how the children moved up the spelling lists really quickly and how keen they were - we are hoping that this can continue this term!


P.E. is on Wednesday afternoons. Please ensure that your child has a suitable PE kit in school every week. Earrings should be removed and long hair should be tied back on this day.


We are always happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have. Just make an appointment to meet with us and we will do our best to help!

Zepplin Raid 1917 Centenary Commemoration


Please look in the Community Section of the website to see pictures of our special history project commemorating the Zepplin bombing raid on Northampton 100 years ago that sadly killed two of St James' school pupils.

Everdon Residential Trip 2018


Time to get excited for one of the great highlights of Year 4 at St James, the 3 day residential trip to the Everdon Field Study Centre. All the details are in the letter below.

Spellings will continue to be tested every two weeks. In case you've mislaid the spelling list, here is the full list for you to see the words for your child's list.

The Magic Curriculum at St James

The Government released a new National Curriculum to be implemented from September 2014.  The National Curriculum provides children with an introduction to essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens in modern Britain.


Here at St James we believe that a rich and relevant curriculum should be taught and embedded through the application of key literacy, numeracy and speaking and listening Skills.  We have therefore developed the “Magic Curriculum” which at present Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 follow with Years 2 and 6 commencing this way of working from September 2015. 


The Magic Curriculum is Memorable, Aspirational, Gripping, Inspiring and Creative.  Each year group studies three units over the year to enable broad and balanced study over different subject areas.  These units are Science led with other subject areas being linked in a meaningful and creative way. 


Children learn best when they get the opportunity to apply the key skills learnt previously and therefore at St James we have developed Magic Fridays.  Every week each class has a Friday where they apply key skills and have a Magic Curriculum focused day using key skills learnt in Literacy and Numeracy over the week. 


For more details of what is covered in Year 4, please click on the Curriculum map below:

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