Parental Support for Learning

Parental support is critical to a child's success in school. At St James, we build strong relationships with parents so that the links between home and school are secure. We have a very strong Pastoral Team who support our families and classroom and senior staff are available daily at the start or end of the day for any queries.


We ask all parents and children to sign a Home School agreement that outlines how we can all best support the children at St James to make the most out of their time with us.


Homework is an important part of school life and supports a child's development. Parental support for homework completion is very much appreciated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.


These documents can be found on the curriculum pages here:

Each term, you will receive an overview of the learning that your child will experience in school. This is so that you can explore the vocabulary and learning opportunities at home. Below are the links to the curriculum pages where you can find more information.

Attending school daily and being on time each day is another crucial way to support your child's education.


The school gates open at 8:40am and learning starts at 8:45am. If your child is unwell, you should contact the school office on each day of absence and follow the absence reporting procedures outlined below.