Special Educational Needs and Disability

The children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and disabilities are supported by all the staff in school to make the best progress they can. However, there is a dedicated team made up of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCo - Mrs Karen Hobbs), the SEN Assistant (Miss Marie Matlock) and trained teaching assistants, who work more specifically with the children with special educational needs and disabilities. Mrs Hobbs can be contacted via the school office on 01604 751475 or via email senco@stjames.northants-ecl.gov.uk


There is a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities in school such as global development delay, dyslexia, speech and language difficulties as well as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). All children with an additional need are valued members of our school community. Sometimes professionals, who are specialists in a particular area of need such as autism, are asked to give advice to the school about the best ways to support individual children.


Some children have support in specific lessons and some have support throughout the day, including lunchtimes. This will depend on their individual need. If a child continually needs more help and support, High Needs Funding (HNF) or an Educational, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) may be applied for after we have had a discussion with parents/carers.


If you would like to talk about your child’s special educational need or disability, please speak to your child’s class teacher or the SENDCo who is on the playground in the mornings before school or call the school on 01604 751475.


If you want to know what local services there are to help support you with your child who has special educational needs or a disability, the West Northamptonshire Local Offer is a good place to look.


We urge parents / carers with any concerns regarding the SEND policy or the provision made for their child to speak to the school as soon as possible and, in the first instance, to the class teacher or the SENCO. If parents / carers feel their child's needs are still not being met they should make an appointment to see the Headteacher.  If concerns are still unresolved parents / carers may wish to engage with PDET’s Complaints policy procedures.

NB - any issue relating to statutory SEN assessments should be pursued with the relevant Local Authority and not via PDET’s Complaints policy.


If parents / carers require further advice / support, they should use the local Information, Advice and Support Service for Special Educational Needs and Disability SENDIASS (telephone 01604 364772)


Please read the Inclusion Policy in the 'Policies' section of the website for more detailed information.