Welcome to Reception!



In Reception we believe that learning through play, engaging topics and a broad and balanced curriculum both independently and with support, ensures our children are happy, engaged and always achieving. #brightfutures


Our staff who work in Reception are;

Miss Angela Martin, Miss Georgie Brown, Mrs Sarah Wagland, Mrs Shudana Begum, Miss Alice Steel, Miss Rashda Aslam, Miss Sue Foster, Miss Jasmin Fisher, Mrs Jan Osmani and Miss Beth Spencer.


The Little Red Hen 

We have started learning the story 'The Little Red Hen.' So far we have story mapped our whole story and practised it in lots of different voices which made us laugh! We've also been acting out the story with our friends on the stage and with our puppets. We looked at the different words in our story and word rapped them so we got a good understanding of what they mean! We also looked at what we liked and disliked about the story and we made bread just like the little red hen! 


We have made so many friends and we are loving playing with them and working as a team. We have also really been enjoying our phonics sessions and have been putting what we learn into our busy times. We have enjoyed practising writing our sounds and reading our sounds on whiteboards, books, stones, conkers and more!



Our First Full Week of School!

We have completed our first full week of reception! We have done so well. We have started to show our teachers what confident learners we are, learning our new routines and getting to know our new classes. We have made lots of friends and already feel part of the St. James family! This week we have been very busy, we have experienced forest school for the first time and really enjoyed exploring the outdoor space. We walked stories and did some counting with sticks and leaves and we finished off by singing some of out favourite nursery rhymes. 

We started to learn a story all about a little red hen. She made yummy bread. We began story mapping our story and re telling it all together. In busy time some of us created our own story maps and performed them to our friends. 


We have had a wonderful first week, and we cannot wait for many more wonderful weeks through this term!


Reminders: PE is on Wednesday please bring your child to school already dressed in their PE kit. 

Please remember to bring a named water bottle in with your child. 

Please make sure all items of clothing, including coats are named. 

You should have received an email with your tapestry login, if you have any problems with this please ask a member of reception staff. 


See you all on Monday! 



Please see below this week's work.


Don't forget to tweet any work to @RecepStJamesNN5 and Upload to Tapestry

Other information to help you:


All children's reading books are changed on Monday's (please ensure a note has been made in your child's reading journal!). Books are also changed throughout the week when needed or appropriate. Our Classroom Library is available for children to change their library book throughout the week. Children will visit the Library on a Thursday morning with their class teacher.


Parent's are invited to stay and read with their children, watch a phonics input or learn about building fine motor control on a Friday Morning. We also have a learning library available to sign out fun activities for the weekend. Your weekly Tapestry challenge will be uploaded on a Friday morning and we LOVE to see all of your home learning. 


PE is on a Wednesday with Mr Beezley. Please make sure your child has their PE in school on this day. Children also have the opportunity to work with Miss Blackwell to develop their dancing skills on alternate Tuesdays. 


Every term we will go on a seasonal walk to our local park at least once. Look out for our photos on twitter! We also spend time with our local community singing, dancing and story telling with the elderly residents at Argyle House. Throughout the year we explore our community with visits to the shops, post office and other areas of interest. We also invite our local community in, with visits from the fire brigade and our local PCSO. 


Keep your eye out for dates of other trips and visits. 

A Terrific Transport Term

Reception showcase Friday (Feb 7th)@2:30 please come along! :) 

We have had a very busy half term looking at transport and learning our wonderful story 'The Magic Train Ride.' We've looked at lots of different forms of transport and were very excited when a fire engine came to visit us! We learnt about ways to keep safe and how the fire fighters help us. 





We also enjoyed forest school this term, we have joined in with lots of different outdoor activities using our imagination and getting closer to the nature around us. 

We loved seeing lots of parents at our math's workshop this term. Together we explored different ways of developing children's learning using everyday objects. In class this term we have investigated shape, addition and subtraction, weight, different ways to make numbers and length. 


Our new year 5 book buddies came to join us this term and shared some lovely books. We really enjoyed making new friends and listening to new stories and we are looking forward to seeing them next term. Our next topic is  'Once Upon a Time' we are excited to share all of the wonderful traditional tales and hearing the children's ideas about these. 









Our first week back!

This week we were very excited to be back at school after the Christmas break. We loved sharing what we got up to over the holidays with our friends, it was lovely to see how confident everyone was in sharing their feelings and thoughts about the holidays. 


We got straight back into our learning and we especially enjoyed learning about the part part whole model. Lots of us used our concrete resources to represent our working out. Some of us even went outside and drew our part part whole model on the pavement with chalk and used natural resources such as pebbles to add. 


We have had a brilliant first week back at school and we cannot wait to learn lots more as the weeks continue! This week we start our transport topic and we are looking forward to diving into our story 'The Magic Train Ride.' On Friday we planned together and wrote down lots of things we knew and lots of things we would love to learn about transport. This Friday a fire engine is coming into school, we cannot wait to have a good look inside and find some answers to all of our questions!! 

Lovely Lunch


This week we had lunch at school! We sat with our friends, used our cutlery and remembered our please and thank yous. This week we also found out our classes! RL, Robin class and RR, Jay class have enjoyed getting to know each other and their teachers, learning our new routines. 



We cannot wait until next week when we are in full time! Don't forget the Macmillian coffee morning next Friday, join us if you can!!!

Our First Week


We have had a great first week at school! We have come into school with big smiles on our faces and enjoyed meeting lots of new friends. We have explored both our inside and outside areas and listened to lots of funny stories. Today we enjoyed venturing out onto the trim trail, where we climbed and jumped.



Next week we are looking forward to having lunch for the first time and meeting the rest of our classmates!! Don't forget to order your lunch on our new online system. See you on Monday at 8:40!


 Summer Is here!


The changing weather has made our garden explode with exciting things! We discovered some ginormous runner beans! We were so excited and loved comparing them and finding out what was inside of them. 


We have innovated our story this week, we added new characters which inspired our writing in our busy time. On Friday we spoke a lot about recycling and what it means. Some of us decided to write some signs afterwards to show people who come in our classroom how we look after our environment.



Don't forget this Friday (the 5th of July) is the school fete!! We hope to see you there! 



Shifting Shapes! 

This week the children have been using their imagination to create a laser course in the outside area. They had to move their bodies in between the lasers, making sure they didn't get caught! 


We have also been exploring shapes, we have sorted them, described them and built with them. I wonder if the children can spot any 3D shapes at home? 


The week has also involved drawing our planet, creating cheerio squids and innovating our squeaky story. What a busy week!




It's Too Noisy!!


On Monday we started off the week exploring different musical instruments and making lots of noise! Miss Aslam and Miss Steel kept telling us "it's too noisy!" We had lots of fun making as much noise as possible. After this we read our new story, 'The Squeaky Story.' The story was all about being too noisy! We have started to learn the story and working together we have drawn out half of our story map. We love the part where we get to shout "it's too noisy!" 


We are enjoying learning about holidays this term and this week we have been working hard on the workshop creating ice cream cones for our very own ice cream parlour. We have enjoyed acting this out this week and imagining we are at the beach! 



We also loved learning about doubling this week and enjoyed exploring it further in our busy time. We discovered that you can double anything, including the beans in the garden! 


Look out for your story map and script that are coming home today, please share any story telling on tapestry! 


Butterflies and Celebrations

Reception were very excited to return to school after the holidays to find that 4 of our caterpillars had emerged from their cocoons and turned into beautiful butterflies. We made sure that they had plenty of fruit and watched as they ate from it before releasing them. They enjoyed exploring the flowers within our garden before fluttering away. This inspired a lot of artwork and discussion about how to care for living things.


We also started our new topic 'Let's Go On Holiday' this week and the children have enjoyed creating stories around our seaside scene and writing postcards from places that they have visited. The children loved looking at Google Earth to find Northampton, spotting Dallington Park, Argyle House and our school. We then started to explore other countries, such as Poland, Bangladesh and Albania and discussed how we might travel there. We shall continue this next week!


Our Eid party was a real highlight of our week, we all changed into our party clothes and shared a delicious feast together (Thank you to all our families for contributing with lots of yummy food). We danced at the disco and then learnt about why Eid is celebrated from our children that had celebrated with their families earlier in the week. It was a wonderful, busy afternoon! 


Please continue to upload your observations onto Tapestry this term, we really enjoy sharing them in class. Thank you!



Children, Chicks and Cocoons


Reception have been so inspired by our farm trip. We have made farm maps, added different animals in their pens, created recounts, made up stories and loads more! We also had some very exciting new members of St. James Primary, 3 chicks have come to stay in the library. This has also motivated us to write. 


We are excited to see how much they grow over the holidays. We are also looking forward to our cocoons transforming into butterflies! This may now happen over the holidays so keep looking on tapestry and twitter and we will post as soon as we have news!


Happy half term! Have a lovely break, don't forget to post what you're up to onto tapestry. We will share these when we get back! 


Fun At The Farm

Reception had a wonderful day at West Lodge Farm. We met lots of different animals and learnt about what they eat and the names of their babies. We had to be really brave as we fed the goats and bottle fed the lambs. They were very strong but very gentle. Riding the tractor was lots of fun, we listened to the farmer explain about the plants that are grown on the farm and even found some fossils in the fields. We had great adventures in the play barn, sliding down the slides and climbing in the tunnels with our friends. We even had time to ride the barrel ride and watch piglet racing. What a busy day!




Next week we will watch as our cocoons turn into butterflies (fingers crossed it happens before the holidays!) We will also observe the eggs that have come to stay in the library this week and watch them as they hatch and grow, how exciting!


Caterpillars, counting and calculating. 

This week our caterpillars have grown so much! They are now big fat caterpillars and we have enjoyed documenting their daily growth in our caterpillar diaries. We are excited about the next stage of their life cycle, which we hope we happen very soon! Some of us also noticed that the life cycle was a pattern "it happens again and again." As part of learning about caterpillars we also looked closely at butterflies, making our own symmetrical patterns.  



Our caterpillars have inspired lots of our learning this week. We have written about them, created our own and solved subtraction sums about the story. We have also balanced on our very wriggly large caterpillar outside. 





The Very Hungry Caterpillar!


This week we have story mapped a brand new story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar! After discovering a rogue lunch box last week with lots of holey fruit in it we were so excited to learn about the caterpillars journey. On Monday, we began our story map and explored lots of learning all about caterpillars. We made split pin caterpillars, patterned caterpillars, play dough caterpillars and hunted for caterpillars in the garden. 



On Tuesday some real life caterpillars arrived in our classroom! They were so teeny tiny! We needed to use our magnifying glasses to see them. We learnt all about how to care for them properly and what they need to grow and eventually become butterflies. We spoke about a caterpillars life cycle and compared it to our own, we found this very interesting! 



On Wednesday We started to write in our diaries to track the progress that our caterpillars are making. On Thursday we helped the very hungry caterpillar to solve some tricky maths problems involving adding and doubling. We also had a competition performing our story, which we love doing every week! On Friday we reflected on our week and all of the fantastic learning we took part in, we celebrated our work by sharing it with each other and shared what we would like to learn next. 


Happy long weekend! We can't wait to see how much our caterpillars have grown while we're away. 

Our topic this term is 'Green Fingers' and we will be learning all about growing and the world around us. Please have a look at our overview below to see what we are learning throughout the Early Years Curriculum. We will continue to also follow children's interests through our teaching! There are also some home learning challenges we would love to see observations of on Tapestry! The children love to share their observations and home learning with their friends. 

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the summer term! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We have enjoyed hearing about your adventures, thank you for putting your pictures onto tapestry the children have loved sharing their experiences. We have come back to school very eager to learn and have had a very busy first week. We have been writing everywhere!!

This week we found a rogue lunchbox in our classrooms, it was full of half eaten fruit and unhealthy food with holes in the middle of it!! We found the culprit hiding in the classroom, it was a very hungry caterpillar. This will be our new story this term which we will explore and innovate! We might have some real caterpillars coming to visit us soon!



This week the new curriculum letter will be sent home, giving more information about all areas of learning and the fun activities taking place this term! 



Happy Easter!

This week we have been exploring everything Easter! We have hunted in the garden for number eggs, we hunted on the playground for sound eggs, we acted out Easter scenes with the Easter animals, we made Easter cards and loads more! 

We visited the church and sang lots of songs and heard the Easter story. 


Thank you to all of our grown ups who joined us for our show case on Wednesday afternoon. The children enjoyed performing Jack and the Beanstalk to you and sharing their busy time learning. 

What a busy week! Thank you for all of your support this term, have a lovely holiday and don't forget to update tapestry with all of your holiday adventures!

Celebrating our family

This week we have celebrated our wonderful mums, we have shared special memories we have with them, why we are thankful for them and talked about what they do for us. We are very lucky! We have spent lots of time working creatively on our Mother's Day cards and are very excited to give them on Sunday. We worked hard on our messages inside of the cards and hope you like them!


Our beanstalks had over grown their small pots, so this week we planted them into one of our flower beds, we used long sticks that we found in our garden to support out long beanstalks. We are now taking good care of them watering them every day. 


It was the Robin's turn to visit Argyle house this week, they explored the story of the 3 Little Pigs through music, song and dance. The rest of Robin class will visit next week!




We look forward to seeing lots of parents next Wednesday the 3rd for our showcase! 



Numbers everywhere!

This week in reception we have been busy working with numbers and shapes. We have ordered them, sorted them, represented them and solved addition and subtraction problems too. 



We have been trying to move our learning outside more, this week we enjoyed phonics outside using the large space to write on a big scale. We also played find a sound on the playground. 


We also visited Argyle House this week, we read stories, sang songs and did lots of dancing with the residents. It will be Robin class' turn next week! We can't wait to boogie! 

Thinking about our thinking!


This week we had a visit from the giant! He had enormous feet and a big belly! We asked him lots of questions about why he was so grumpy to Jack, we used this to write our descriptions about the characters from Jack and the Beanstalk.



We also did a lot of measuring to see whose beanstalk was the tallest! We created castles for the giant thinking about where he would sleep and if there was enough room for him. We showed great cooperation! 


The Jay class also visited Argyle house this week and did lots of story telling and singing with the residents. We love spending time with them and sharing our learning. 




On Friday, as well as celebrating red nose day we spent the morning investigating our learning dinosaur powers. We took part in lots of different challenges and thought about how we all learn differently and the different skills we use whilst we are learning! 


Next week we will be diving deep into the world of maths! Don't forget to show us your number learning on tapestry too! 


Jack and the Beanstalk! 


This week in reception we were excited to discover a colossal beanstalk had grown in our school hall! Luckily we have a really strong head teacher and Mrs Beech chopped it down before we needed to eat our lunch! This got us so excited to hear our new story Jack and the Beanstalk. We have built tall beanstalks, measured long leaves, and created our own story maps, some of us even wrote post cards to the giant high in the sky. 



We also enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather and spotting the first very early signs of spring! We have enjoyed using the natural resources from our garden to support our learning. We have used sticks for pencils, counted and measure leaves and muddy footprints, made bridges over the puddles and used the stones to measure the giants footprints!


We have had such a great first week back at school and we are so excited to discover more about our new story! Look out for story maps coming home next week, please remember to post any of your children retelling the story onto tapestry so we can share our learning!



This week we made out own gingerbread men and decorated them! First we wrote our own instructions on how to make a gingerbread man! then we looked at all of our ingredients and spoke about what they smelt like. we took it in turns to weigh out our ingredients and mix them all together. 

We also innovated our story this week! We had a tasting session where we all tried new baked goods. We tasted shortbread, cookies and brioche and then voted on our favourite! We all wrote our name on a post it note and stuck it under our favourite. The winner was shortbread! So our story is now the shortbread man!! We have loved changing our story maps to our own characters, some of us used the shortbread man and others changed it to something completely different. We had the carrot lady and the lunchbox man. We really enjoy telling our stories to everybody. 


It also snowed this week! We had fun exploring the snow and we were determined to build a snow man, in which we succeeded! it's been a great week of learning and we are excited to learn all about Chinese new year next week!

Run, run as fast as you can! 

This week we looked closer at our story the gingerbread man. We divided it up into the things we like, the things we didn't like, things that confuse us and patterns that we noticed. We also looked at the different vocabulary and made sure we understood the meaning of lots of new words. We did this by acting out what the words meant, the word catch was our teachers favourite when we pretended to catch a fish to explain the meaning! We also enjoyed taking part in our stickasaurus challange this week creating a bridge for the gingerbread man so he didn't get wet! 


The jay class also took some time this week to go to the residential home. We shared lots of stories with the residents and sang lots of songs all about the gingerbread man! We had the best time!! 


This week we also went to our forest school where we made clay faces and traps for the gingerbread man! 


This week was the first week of our fun Fridays where the grown ups can stay and join in with a morning task or read a story. We had a few parents who joined us we hope to have more next week!! 

Next week we are going to be very clever and write instructions on how to ake gingerbread man. We are going to follow our own instructions and bake some yummy treats!! 



Our First Week Back!


This week our teachers have been so impressed with how well we have come back to school. We have settled back into our daily routines wonderfully and are such confident happy children now. This week we decided to share a lovely story about the gingerbread man, we then wanted to try some delicious gingerbread. However when our teacher went to get the gingerbread men they had all gone!!!! There were none left just an empty box and a note which read, "run run as fast as you can you can't catch me i'm the gingerbread man!" We got so so excited we shouted hes ran away!! We searched all around our classroom until eventually we saw anther note on the door we all ran outside and there we found a big bowl of gingerbread men!! We ate them all up and then made a chart about which body part we ate first! 


We enjoyed our gingerbread men so much! Most of us ate the head first! After this we spent the rest of the week learning our new story we practiced our first part in lots of different ways, a squeeky voice, a deep voice, moving our mouths and not making a sound and as fast as we possibly could! We had lots of fun and laughing. 


This week Jay class also went to Argyle house the residential home and sang lots of gingerbread man songs and told lots of stories with the residents. BoogieBeats helped us with all of songs and encouraged us to make new friends! It was brilliant- see twitter for a video! 


We can't wait for next week to see what other ways of telling our new story the children will invent.

Spring Term - Traditional Tales


Welcome back to the spring term! We hope you enjoyed a relaxing break and are ready for lots more fun learning. Our topic this term is 'Once upon a time'. We will be learning lots of different traditional tales, including the gingerbread man to begin with! 

Please have a look at our Spring Term overview and Curriculum newsletter!  


Engaged, Excited and Enthusiastic! 


This week we put up our Christmas tree! We all helped to add different decorations and we were so excited putting the big star at the top. The top of the tree was a long way up. However one of us had a great idea to solve our problem to use a chair so we could reach! 


We had great fun in our garden this week, we played bowing and recorded our names and our scores so we could add them all up at the end and see who had won! We got so excited when someone got 10! We also enjoyed creating an elf's workshop outside, we used our clever cutting skills to cut out pictures in our Christmas brochure to make toys ready for the elf's to take to Father Christmas. We also found a elf on our shelf this week!! He was a lovely elf called Eric who gave us a wonderful story all about the little red elf. We have loved learning this story and writing about it! Every day Eric writes us a new kindness act that we act out! We want Eric to stay! 



Next week is our nativity and we are super excited to show our grown ups how confident we all are!! We are also going to the residential home to sing lots of songs and bring Christmas cheer to everyone! Such an exciting week ahead!! 


The Great Outdoors!

This week we have enjoyed our first forest school experience! It was wet and rainy but this made it more fun, we loved making cay faces on the trees and using natural resources to create the features. We also enjoyed building animal homes for the poor animals who were getting wet and cold in the weather. We tried to create nature crowns with all of the leaves and grass. However the wind made this a bit tricky for us, and it was very funny to watch. 


We showed of our clever maths skills this week too, we were adding! We discovered one more than a number and had a letter from Pip about her greedy granddad coming to stay. We had to help pip with her recipe and make grandads porridge, however because he was so greedy we kept having to add one more!! It was great fun. After this we showed our teachers how clever we really are by adding numbers using our cubes and representing our number problems on whiteboards. We were able to interpret and explain our numbers. Out teachers were very proud!! 


Today we had Christmas craft and circulated the whole school taking part in lots of different craft activities!! We are so excited to continue practicing for our nativity next week and explore Christmas even further, including why Christians perform nativity plays at Christmas time. 

Family fun!


This week we really enjoyed spending time with our grown ups. On Monday we had a stay and play with our grown ups where we looked at our online learning journals, this was so much fun as we got to share all of the amazing work we do with them! We also had a boys, books and brunch day and some of our grown ups stayed to read lots with us and share the importance of reading for fun! The saints also came to join us to share why they love reading so much and how important it is in their job roles! 





We have also been very busy outside again this week, we have added to our tunnel and came up with a new way to move through it. We also spent a long time building giant towers and problem solving how to get to the top of the tower. 




We have also loved learning our magic porridge story and have already started to change it to make it our own. We have enjoyed tasting porridge and exploring porridge play dough and reading lots of other books that involve porridge! We can't wait to see what other innovations you all come up with next week! 

Counting, Writing, acting and more!


This week we have been very busy. We visited the life education bus which was very exciting. We learnt lots about our bodies and what we need to do to give ourselves lots of energy! We even met a doll that lit up and showed us loads of different body parts, we were amazed. We especially loved meeting Harold the giraffe. 




We spent quite a bit of time outside this week as well. We loved exploring the construction resources and decided to build an animal shelter for the animals who live in our garden. We were inspired by the pigeon earlier on in the week who entered our classroom to say hello. We worked for ages and used great team work to hare thoughts and ideas. 


We were also very interested in numbers this week and we found lots of number cards. We worked as a whole class to order these numbers into a number line. Once we had completed this we moved onto finding the number of objects for a chosen number and matching them on our line! 



We have also learnt a new story this week, The Magic Porridge Pot! We can already retell our new story and we began to unpick it. We stating things we liked about our story and things we didn't like. We drew our story maps and some of us already innovated our story. We're so exciting to see what other work comes fro our story next week! 

We're Feeling Thankful 


This week in reception we have been thinking a lot about what we have to be thankful for. We thought about why we wear poppy's and what they mean. We then went around our circles holding a poppy one at a time and said something we are thankful for. Lots of us were thankful for our grown ups at home for making us food and taking us to school. 



We have also come on so much with our phonic knowledge this week and we are starting to write lots of different words and trying our best to sound out what we want to write. We have also spent a lot of time outdoors this week, our garden has been covered in glitter from us painting the garden. We have also found lots of spiders this week and enjoyed looking at them closely with our magnifying glasses.


Tomorrow there is something special waiting for us in our classroom. Keep your eyes peeled on twitter to see what has arrived!! 

Autumn 2 Curriculum Newsletter and Home Learning Challenges

Our First Week Back

This week was our first week back after the half term holiday. We all came back so happy and confidently, it was lovely to see! This week we had some new visitors in our classrooms. There was Gerald the giraffe and Edgar the elephant!!  we really enjoyed discussing with our friends how we thought they got here and why they were here!




We also enjoyed the change in weather this week, we were able to observe the changed to our environment. We noticed that there was ice appearing in our garden! This excited us very much and we had lots of science experiments to discover how to make ice! We then came up with a way to represent our own ice, we filled buckets with glitter and water and covered our garden in lots of sparkles!!


We also had Boogie Beats to come into our school this week who brought some very special visitors from the residential home across the road from our school. We all sang and danced together to lots of different stories.


What a fun filled week!! We are so excited for the term ahead. We are looking forward to hearing about fireworks spotted this weekend and the different sounds and colours we have seen. Don't forget you can upload lots of pictures onto tapestry for your child to share with their friends at school!! We can't wait to see them all!!





Stories, stories and more stories!! 

This week in reception we have been so engaged with stories again! Reading them, writing them and performing them! We even made up stories about our junk modelling creations! they were everywhere!


We also enjoyed exploring height this week and in maths we lined up from the smallest member of our class all the way to the tallest. We chose the smallest member to draw around and then measure using cubes. We discovered that our smallest member was 52 cubes tall which meant the rest of us were all taller than 52 cubes!! 


We also loved making our own autumn soup! we used chopping skills, cutting skills and stirring skills to create a yummy dinner! We worked so well as a team sharing our resources and describing what we could see. 


Stories, Lasers and More! 

This week in reception we have carried on our huge interest in story telling! We now have our own story telling/mapping area in our classroom and it is very popular! We have had stories with lots of amazing story telling language such as once up a time, he walked and he walked and he walk and the end. All of the teachers were so impressed with our growing knowledge. 


We also loved being outside this week and we became engaged in a wonderful idea from one of the boys. We found some wool in the garden and started to walk around with it through the trees, we soon realised that this made barriers. We started to call them lasers and soon lots of others joined us!! We used loads of team work, tying skills and cutting skills. 

We cannot wait to see what other brilliant ideas you all come up with next week! Remember we break up for the half term on Thursday the 18th next week! :) 

Autumn is here!

This week in reception we have been amazing authors (if you haven't already please go and look at our twitter page!) we have created so many new stories and performed them in lots of different ways. Some of use performed our stories using story spoons, puppets or our friends. Some of us sang our stories and stood in front of the whole class!



We spent some time hot seating our characters and doing some drama! we loved acting as our characters and it gave us the confidence to come in front of the class (even the very shy children). 


We also explored the changing seasons this week an discovered what signs mean it is now autumn. We went out into our community for a walk to the park and collected lots of leaves, conkers and acorns. We discovered that these things were sings that autumn is here! We also sang out song for everyone to here "autumn leaves are falling down!"



"Wow a machine!" 

This week we have settled in so well and have loved joining up as a whole unit. There were 60 of us in this week and we were all super grown up and ate lunch in the big hall! We had loads of fun! Now we now our environment a bit better we were able to explore deeper and investigate things little bit closer. We were especially over joyed with our new lawn mower!! We used out strong muscles to help out and cut all of our grass in the garden, we were very good at turn taking and cheering our friends on. 


We have just read our new T4W (Talk for Writing) story 'The Little Red Hen' some of us have been joining in already with some of the words and actions! We can't wait for you all to come in and learn deeper whilst explore and playing with our new story next week! 

Today we also had the saints come in and talk to us all about rugby! We loved the new games they taught us and we listened and followed their instructions beautifully. When we got back to the class room a lot of us said our favourite part was all of it! 


Receptions First Week 

This week reception have loved exploring their new environment! We have made lots of new friends and enjoyed talking about our families and things we like doing. We have grown in confidence over the week and shown what smart caring children we are already! We especially loved being outside this week, where we discovered worm and spiders, we asked lots of questions about where they came from and what they were doing! We discussed where they should live and found them new houses in our garden. We also showed off our fantastic story telling skills and brilliant mark making, our teachers were very proud of us all. We cannot wait to have another week filled with more discovery and fun! Follow are twitter page for more updates on our learning journey! @RecepStJamesNN5




Reception Curriculum Newsletter - Autumn 1: 2018

(Incredible Me)

Take a look at what we will be learning during the Autumn Term!!

Jolly Phonics songs

We are learning new sounds in Phonics, we will be focusing on s,a,t,i,p,n to begin with.
Please use these songs at home to help your child learn the sounds.


Tips for talking to your young child

Here are some top tips and benefits of talking with your young child.

Top tips for talking with your child:

  1. Talk to your child when you’re playing together.
  2. Get into their zone and talk about what they are looking at or playing with – they will learn language faster that way.
  3. Have fun with nursery rhymes and songs, especially those with actions.
  4. Encourage your child to listen to different sounds, such as cars and animals. This will help your child’s listening skills.
  5. Gain your child’s attention when you want to talk.
  6. Increase vocabulary by giving choices, e.g. “Do you want juice or milk?”
  7. Talk about things as they happen, e.g. when you’re both unpacking the shopping.
  8. Listen carefully and give your child time to finish talking. Take turns to speak.
  9. Always respond in some way when your child says something.
  10. Help your child to use more words by adding to what they’ve said, e.g. if they said “ball” you might say, “Yes, it is a big, red ball.”
  11. If your child says something incorrectly, say it back the right way, e.g. “Goggy bited it.” “Yes, the dog bit it, didn’t he?”
  12. Try and have special time with your child each day to play with toys and picture books.
  13. Limit TV time. Try to watch TV together so you can talk about what happens.