Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Ms Douch, Mr Doughty, Mrs Mousir-Harrison, Miss Krish, Miss Amy, and Mrs Irwin welcome you to Year 4. We hope that you enjoy your year with us and that you continue to work hard to make great progress in your learning.

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YEAR 4 Curriculum letter

The Magic Curriculum at St James

The Government released a new National Curriculum to be implemented from September 2014.  The National Curriculum provides children with an introduction to essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens in modern Britain.


Here at St James we believe that a rich and relevant curriculum should be taught and embedded through the application of key literacy, numeracy and speaking and listening Skills.  We have therefore developed the “Magic Curriculum” which at present Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 follow with Years 2 and 6 commencing this way of working from September 2015. 


The Magic Curriculum is Memorable, Aspirational, Gripping, Inspiring and Creative.  Each year group studies three units over the year to enable broad and balanced study over different subject areas.  These units are Science led with other subject areas being linked in a meaningful and creative way. 


Children learn best when they get the opportunity to apply the key skills learnt previously and therefore at St James we have developed Magic Fridays.  Every week each class has a Friday where they apply key skills and have a Magic Curriculum focused day using key skills learnt in Literacy and Numeracy over the week. 


For more details of what is covered in Year 4, please click on the Curriculum map below:

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