Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Mrs Nurcombe, Mrs Brown, Mrs Wells, Mrs Pembroke, Miss Robinson, Miss Nichols, Mrs Ahmed and Miss Spencer welcome you to Year 6.  We hope you will enjoy your time as the oldest pupils in school and we are looking forward to seeing you work hard and make great progress.  Year 6 is a challenging year, but it is also fun taking on more responsibilities and preparing for your future at secondary school.


The Great Fire of St James!

Last Thursday (8th March) year 6 burned Stuart houses to see if fire-breaks work. The fire-break did work so the children came to the conclusion that if King Charles II had acted more quickly in 1666, the fire may not have spread so far and wide.


It is also worth noting that we did a lot of work in the build-up to do with health & safety and risk management - so parents, you can breathe again!



Poetry writing...

Year 6 have written poems about deserts and polar regions and a selection of their extracts have made it onto our 2018 classroom calendars!

Trip to Newton...

Year 6 have been to Newton (a village in Northamptonshire) to study wildlife and their habitats. They had a fabulous time in the science laboratory. Have a look at the photos!

Grendon residential 2017!

Once again, the children have been on their residential and taken part in a range of outdoor activities at the wonderful Grendon Hall. By the end of the third day there, it has to be said that the children were suitably worn out. Unfortunately, I suspect the teachers were even more tired!

Information about the NSPCA Childline Visit to School