Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Mrs Fairbrother, Miss Hockley, Mrs Lorenz, Miss Whittaker and Ms Matlock welcome you to Year 3.



Please see below for this week's work.


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History home learning from 15th June 2020
Home learning for Music Week. 08.06.20

Home learning for week beginning 01.06.20

Home learning tasks for the week beginning 18.05.20

Year 3 Home learning tasks for the week beginning 04.05.20

Here are the home learning tasks for the week beginning 27th April 2020!

Here are the home learning tasks for the week beginning 20th April 2020.

Home Learning - Reading task

Good Morning!


You can access a free daily maths lesson on white rose maths.  This is the scheme that we loosely follow in school and is a good opportunity for your child to keep up with their maths work.


The site is


Your child can complete the activities in their workbook.




Mrs Fairbrother and Miss Hockley

Good Morning!


Below are some times tables tests you can complete at home.  You do not need to print them out - you could read them aloud and your child could answer them in their workbooks.


Once you have done the test you can complete the grid by colouring in the ones they got right.  This should then show you which times tables they need to practise.


In year 3 we work on the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables.  If a child completes those then they move onto the other times tables.


You can also access the website that we use in school to test the times tables.


You can find it at  Select the times table area.  On this website the children have a set time to answer the questions - this is a similar format for the year 4 times tables test.  You can set either 1 times table of a mixture - again no printing is needed.


We hope you are all keeping well!


Mrs Fairbrother and Miss Hockley

Here is a copy of our Spring Term Curriculum Newsletter!

Here is a copy of our Autumn 2 curriculum newsletter!

Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to welcome you and your child to Year 3. The children have an exciting year ahead of them. Below are some notices to help the children settle in well to Year 3.



We do not supply snacks for break time for children in KS2.  Please ensure that your child has a healthy snack such as fruit or a cereal bar to eat at break time even if they are having free school meals.


Water Bottles

Children can bring in a water bottle to keep in class that they can access throughout the day as needed.  Please ensure that any water bottle is clearly labelled with their name.  Please do not give them squash or juice as we only allow water in class.



Each child has a Reading Record Book to take home for you to sign when you hear them read throughout the week. They must show that they have read three times a week by handing in their reading record to their teacher every Friday. Like last year, if they read three times during the week, they will get extra carrot rewards.  Over the next week, your child will also be bringing home their new banded book. If you have any questions regarding their book band level, please come and speak to us. Reading is a very important skill and we encourage the children to read as much as possible.



The children are very lucky to have the sports coaches teaching them P.E every Tuesday afternoon. They need to make sure that they have their kit in school which includes a pair of black shorts (trousers for when it is colder), a blue T-Shirt, change of shoes and a warm jumper (please no hoodies). It is expected that all children bring in their own P.E kit. Children should keep their P.E. in school in their locker and will bring it home at the end of each half term for washing.



As well as reading at least three times a week, the children are expected to practise their times table target regularly. One of the ways you can do this is to use the Doodlemaths app. We have really enjoyed sharing some of the children’s aquariums that they made over the summer.  Children can continue to bring in their creations up until half term. There will also be some more interesting topic-based homework to come.



Our class book this term is Evie and the Animals.  Using Kassim and the Greedy Dragon and Billy the Brave Knight, children will explore, read and write journey and action stories.  We will be encouraging the children to use descriptive language to paint a picture in words to bring a setting to life.



Your child will bring a spelling list home next week.  We test on a Wednesday on alternate weeks so the first test will be on the 18th September.  All children will be working on the year 3 / 4 words this year.



Number, place value and the four operations will be the main focus of our work in the first term, with a special push on times table knowledge up to 12x, including the division facts for each times table.



We do lots of fun but messy art in year 3.  We are happy for children to bring in an apron or old shirt that they can wear to protect their school clothes.  Please ensure that these are labelled with their name.  The children can keep these in their lockers and use them as needed.



We will be going to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham on the 26th September.  This will be a great experience for the children and a great introduction to our first topic this year of “Under the Sea.  The cost of the trip is £15.  We will be leaving school at 8:30am and returning at 16:30pm.  We have arranged to have a behind the scenes tour of the sea life centre so think that this experience will really enhance the children’s engagement in our topic.  We would appreciate it if all payments could be received by the 16th September 2019.


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to speak to any of the year 3 team.  We are all really looking forward to sharing an amazing year with you and your children!


Mrs Fairbrother, Miss Hockley, Miss Krish, Mrs Lorenz, Ms Matlock

Today we got to meet a team GB Hockey player!

The papaya that spoke

Still image for this video
We learn our text map in lots of different ways in year 3! This week we made puppets and acted out the story.

Year 3 Alzheimers Awareness Walk.