Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Mrs Spencer, Miss Felton, Mrs Stafford, Mrs Poselthwaite, Mrs Khatun, Miss Spencer and Mrs Kumar welcome you Year 2.


Year 2 is an exciting year for the children. We will be looking at The Great Fire of London, rain foresst  and the seaside. 



SATs and End of Year expectations


The children will be assessed on Maths, Writing, SPaG (Spelling, Puncation and Grammer) and Reading. Please see the documents below to see what the teachers are looking for to asses the children Working Towards, At Expected and Working Above Expected. 

Please see from page 4 onwards. If you would like any further information about these expectations then please feel free to speak to your class teacher.




Have you ever wondered what reading should look and sound like at the end of Year 2? Here is a clip to show you...



Here is a child Working Towards Expectations:


Here is a child Working At expectations:








Doodlemaths is an online website that allows your child to practise maths skills they have learnt in school and improve their recall of number facts.  Your child has been given a password and username so that they can access the site.  Please encourage your child to use the site at least ten minutes every day to earn extra DoJo points and the chance to win a certificate in Friday's Champions Gathering. If your child has forgotten their password, please speak to their class teacher. 


Common Exception Words

The expectation for the attainment of children in Year 2 has grown massively.  In writing, children are expected to spell high frequency words, or common exception words (words we can't use our sounds to spell) correctly. Below is a list of all the words they should be spelling correctly in their independent writing. We will be sending home lists with a range of these spellings on for them to practise ready for their fortnightly test.