SEMH Provision

The Pupil Assessment and Re-integration Centre (PARC) within St James CE Primary School is a specialist Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) behaviour provision for pupils who may require support which is additional to or different from what may be available within a mainstream setting. The PARC aims to offer that provision whilst maintaining an inclusive approach. Parents and carers work in partnership with staff to ensure that the needs of the pupils lie at the heart of all decisions made.


The PARC is jointly funded by the Local Authority (LA) and St James. We currently offer up to 15 places for pupils who have been permanently excluded from a previous setting or are at risk of exclusion.


The provision offers up to 10 places for pupils who are on roll at another school. Through a partnership agreement pupils attend the provision for two days as an enhanced intervention (whilst attending the partnership school for the other three days). Placements last for up to eight short terms (including referral, entry sessions and exit transitions) and are allocated through the Local Authority SEMH Panel. Once a case is approved by the Panel, a partnership agreement is established and support is regularly reviewed (at least every term). 


Up to a further five places are available for pupils to join the St James roll  and access the PARC for up to a year on a full time basis. The placement supports an assessment for an Education Health Care Plan and / or a reintegration to a new setting. During their placement in the provision, pupils are linked with a mainstream class and are included fully within the St James community.

For further information about the curriculum offered through the PARC, please see our curriculum pages or follow the link below: