SEMH Provision

St James CE Primary School work with Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) to provide specialist provision for pupils across the county with Social Emotional and Mental Health needs. Through a service level agreement with NCC, the school hosts a Pupil Assessment and Re-integration Centre (PARC). The PARC has two provision units:

  1. Full time PARC – this is a setting for up to 5 pupils to attend full time on a short term basis (approximately up to 1 year) following exclusion from a previous setting. Places in the PARC are allocated through the County Council Education and Inclusion Partnership Team.
  2. POD – our POD is a purpose built unit within the school grounds. Pupils who attend this setting do so on a part time basis – usually 2 days a week, whilst attending a home school for the other days. POD staff work closely with the home school to enable pupil’s social and emotional needs to be met across both settings. Pupils access this provision through the SEMH panel referral system. For further information please refer to the NCC website