SEMH Provision

Pupil Assessment and Re-integration Centre (PARC) Vision


Our provision offers an attachment and trauma friendly approach which fosters warmth, clear boundaries and high expectations so that all learners can reach their full potential by supporting them to re-integrate successfully into a mainstream or appropriate setting.


Where the mainstream provision at St James CE Primary School cannot be accessed, we aim to deliver a curriculum that meets the needs of our children by:


  • Understanding the complex needs of our pupils so that they can reach their potential academically, physically and spiritually
  • Contributing to each pupil’s ability to self-regulate and build resilience to manage their behaviour in a positive manner
  • Embracing every opportunity to develop basic skills in reading, writing and maths when mainstream access is a challenge
  • Working collectively with our pupils, their parents/caregivers and other professionals to ensure individual needs are assessed and met
  • Working collectively with class teachers and other staff so that pupils re-integration into a long term setting is effective and successful


Working together, we build bright futures.

“In everything, treat others the same way you want them to treat you”

Matthew 7:12

The Pupil Assessment and Re-integration Centre (PARC) within St James CE Primary School is a specialist provision for pupils who may require support which is additional to or different from what may be available within a mainstream setting. The PARC aims to offer that provision whilst maintaining an inclusive approach, as all pupils who access the provision are integrated into the St James School community. Parents and carers work in partnership with staff to ensure that the needs of the pupils lie at the heart of all decisions made.


The PARC is jointly funded by the Local Authority (LA) and St James and made up of two components:

  1. The LA fund up to 5 places (Y2 – 6) for pupils who have been permanently excluded or at risk of a permanent exclusion from a previous primary setting. Pupils attending the zone are registered on the St James role and will access the provision for up to a year. Placement will support an assessment for an Education Health Care Plan and / or a reintegration to a new setting. Places are allocated through consultation with the LA.

  2. The LA fund up to 10 places for pupils who are on roll at another school (referred to as ‘the home school’) and require further support to successfully access a school placement. Support, which lasts up to a year, is offered through outreach work to support home schools or offering a part time transition and re-integration placement to pupils. Places for this provision are allocated through the LA Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Panel. Once a case is approved by the Panel, a partnership agreement is drawn up established by St James and the home school. Placements and outreach support are regularly reviewed (at least every term). 


The PARC is led by the Specialist Provision Manager – a qualified teacher and SENCO, who oversees the pastoral care and teaching and learning of the pupils within the provision. This is supported by two full time HLTAs and three full time Teaching Assistants. The management of the PARC is overseen by the Headteacher.


The curriculum within the PARC is highly personalised, depending on the needs of each individual pupil. Based on theories and evidence based research developed by Bowlby, Winnicott and Boxall, the ethos follows the six principles of Nurture:

  • Children’s learning is understood developmentally

  • The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing

  • All behaviour is communication

  • The classroom offers a safe place

  • Language is a vital means of communication

  • The importance of transition in children’s lives


Support is delivered through the Assess, Plan, Do, Review process. Staff work closely with parents / carers to ensure the needs of the pupil is met. In addition to this, where appropriate, outside agencies (including Educational Psychologists, Community Paediatricians, CAMHs, Play therapists, Virtual School) are involved in the process.


Sophie Moore - Specialist Provision Manager



Services and Strategies used within the Provision: